Uber, Driver Found Responsible for Fatal Crash

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Nov. 20, 2019—The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued its final findings on a fatal self-driving crash in Arizona, reported CNET.

Government officials said the main cause of a fatal crash involving one of Uber's self-driving cars in Tempe, Ariz., was the vehicle operator who failed to monitor the road and was distracted by her cell phone. NTSB also sad Uber's inadequate safety culture played a role in the crash.

The NTSB also released 19 findings on the accident on Tuesday. Among those, the regulator said Uber compromised public safety by disabling the emergency braking systems in its autonomous vehicles and also failed to embed technology that recognized pedestrians outside crosswalks.

Investigators have been working since March 2018 trying to figure out why Uber's autonomous vehicle failed to detect a woman crossing the street outside of a crosswalk. 



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