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LAS VEGAS, Nov. 7, 2019



Hey, Kelly. It's great to be here with you at SEMA. At Mitchell, we’re really excited about what we got to show here at SEMA and looking forward to next year in 2020. It all starts with our commitment to proper and safe repair, so at Mitchell, everything we're doing is enabling our customers to deal with the complex vehicles that are coming down the road today and making sure that we can support proper and safe repairs. That all starts with our estimating platform, the only major estimating platform that’s completely in the cloud and has integrated repair procedures. And the results that we see our booth when people see that for the first time, where as your developing the repair plan the repair procedures are delivered right to you that are relevant to that vehicle on the repair that you're working on, it’s just tremendous to see that and see what a difference that makes in terms of eliminating hours of research time and getting those repair plans done correctly the first time.

We’ve got a lot else going on. We just recently announced our Mitchell Diagnostics platform is expanded to include OEM scanning, and we’ve added remote technical support through our partnership with Drew. And our press release yesterday now shows that we have over 1 million Collision Repair scans have been completed with Mitchell Diagnostics, so the diagnostics platform continues to be an exciting part of our edition.

And going in the next year, we've just come back from our conference, and we showed Mitchell Intelligent Estimating, which is our artificial intelligence platform where we are working with Google and USAA, going from pictures of damage all the way to a preliminary estimate for the machine learning in artificial intelligence. Super exciting. That'll be coming into production early next year, and we also showed at our conference the smart glasses, where a technician now, wearing smart glasses, can have both hands free to work on the car while they're doing repair procedures, even working with a remote expert to help them enable that proper and safe repair correctly, quickly and efficiently. So, it’s a really exciting time to be at Mitchell, and I appreciate the opportunity to speak with your audience.

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