Humane Automation Taking on Greater Importance

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Sept. 10, 2019—Mitchell released its third quarter 2019 Industry Trends Report Tuesday and touched on humane automation.

According to a 2019 Accenture study on digital transformation in insurance, 60 percent of insurance respondents seek to use artificial intelligence (AI) based technologies to improve operational processes.

Automation can impact workers as well by freeing them from rote tasks, providing them with more time to focus on human-centered work and complex decision making.

This is the notion of “humane automation,” that as claims organizations maintain and ramp up their investments in automation technologies, the focus on the benefits to people—both employees and customers–takes on ever greater importance.

Processing of vehicle damage claims is one area where Mitchell is using AI and related technology to help insurers make better vehicle repair decisions. Mitchell’s Assisted Review is an AI enabled process. The process works by using millions of damaged vehicle photos. Algorithms are trained to recognize vehicle damage and use computer vision, an AI tool, to double-check repair vs. replace decisions.

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