Report: gas prices could hit $3 per gallon this spring

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March 25, 2010—Bethesda, Md.-based Car Care Council suggests gas prices could hit $3 per gallon this spring.

The Car Care Council suggests vehicle owners should follow certain driving and maintenance tips to attain maximum vehicle fuel economy.

The Council suggests the following maintenance tips:
• Keep your car properly tuned.
• Keep tires properly inflated.
• Replace dirty or clogged air filters.
• Replace dirty spark plugs.
• Change your vehicle’s oil regularly.

"Although fuel economy is directly related to vehicle maintenance, quite often when gas prices rise, some motorists think they can save money by putting off needed maintenance," said Rich White, Car Care Council executive director. "What they don't realize is that neglecting routine maintenance can end up costing more. Simply checking the tires, air filters, spark plugs and gas caps can make a significant difference in the vehicle's fuel economy and saves money."

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