REVO Speed Curing System to Accommodate Factory Lifted Trucks

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June 29, 2018—Global Finishing Solutions has raised the positioning of its REVO Speed Accelerated Curing System from 4 to 9 inches off the ground, making it compatible with any factory lifted truck on the road.

The semi-automatic REVO Speed System now has a vehicle clearance of 7 feet.This new height provides room to accommodate all sizes of passenger vehicles, including the large Dodge Ram 1500 Lone Star Edition, which did not previously fit under the REVO Speed.

Despite being raised 5 inches, the REVO Speed is positioned low enough to direct infrared heat to the vehicle’s rocker panels. The travel speed and surface temperature are also preset with REVO Speed, eliminating cure time guesswork for technicians.

Previously, in order to accommodate factory lifted trucks, technicians had to let the air out of the tires or remove the wheels to cure the roof with the REVO Speed.

“With the new height of the REVO Speed, technicians will be even more efficient on larger vehicles, without the extra complications involved in setting up the paint job,” Jason Garfoot, GFS' senior technical advisor, said.

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