FenderBender Launches New Digital Ad Units

10 Missions Media, the publisher of FenderBender, has launched three new digital ad opportunities for industry-leading vendors.

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Expandable Leaderboard Ad

The new expandable leaderboard ads are pinned to the top of the page as usual, but offer an interactive experience for website visitors. These units are wider than the traditional leaderboard (920px vs. 720px) but retain the same height (90px). When a visitor hovers over the ad unit it will expand to 920x400px, offering advertising partners a high amount of visibility for their special offers or unique creative. See above for example


Wallpaper Ad

This ad unit is sure to get attention. Anchoring website content on the edges of both margins, advertising partners can utilize unique creative to tell their stories. While this unit is sure to get noticed, it is important to know that not all screen resolutions are optimal. Because of this the wallpaper ad is only served in desktop environments.


Half-page Ad

At over twice the size of a medium rectangle ad, the half-page allows for more content and more creativity to share your message. This 300x600px advertisement appears in the second position of the right rail, which locks as the user scrolls through an article. This position offers the highest viewability of any ad on the site, and with the new larger size is sure to make an impact for your campaign.


For questions or more information, please contact Andrew Johnson, marketing strategist at FenderBender.

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