Letter to the Editor: I-CAR VP on the Future of Diagnostics Training

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Disclaimer: This letter to the editor was sent by I-CAR on behalf of I-CAR vice president- educational and technical services Elise Quadrozzi in response to "An Industry Push for an Electrical Technician," published May 16 by FenderBender.

May 30, 2018—I-CAR agrees with Mr. Irish’s position, that electrical/diagnostics training is now a requirement. Note that I-CAR has offered electrical and mechanical training for years, however it is only recently that we have seen an increase in demand for this curriculum. Consistent with our investments over the past several years in development of diagnostics technical information and related best practices research, I-CAR also recognized the need for advanced levels of training in this emerging technical area.

Recognizing the evolving need for electrical and diagnostics capabilities, beginning in 2016 I-CAR undertook as part of its larger comprehensive curriculum review and update initiative, a complete review of its then electrical/mechanical knowledge areas and supporting curriculum in relation to current and emerging industry repair process best practices. As a result of extensive DACUM (Designing a Curriculum – courtesy of The Ohio State University) workshops, I-CAR has completely updated its knowledge and skills protocol which includes the newly defined electrical/diagnostics role, plus the now separate updated mechanical role. And in late 2017, I-CAR launched the initial 13 new courses in its completely overhauled and updated Electrical & Diagnostics curriculum. These initial courses were developed and launched quickly to address the essential knowledge required around diagnostics. They were also designed to ensure technicians, as well as estimators and appraisers, are well-prepared to implement proper diagnostics techniques and procedures for complete, safe and quality repairs.

The electrical and diagnostics courses currently qualify as annual training course requirement options for all roles within I-CAR’s Professional Development Program™ (PDP). Two more courses are set to launch soon that complement the Electrical & Diagnostic portfolio, a testament to the importance of this role. And the entire curriculum through ProLevel® 3 will be released by in early 2019 and will be integrated into I-CAR’s future recognition programs.

Career and technical schools that utilize the Professional Development Program – Education Edition™ (PDP-EE) will also see related changes in late 2019/2020. The comment that Doug Irish made, that the school’s I-CAR training as referenced is “no longer enough,” is simply stating the truth that electrical/diagnostics is not currently part of the required industry-facing nor career and technical school curriculum programs. But it will be shortly! Just like I-CAR’s industry-facing PDP is getting refreshed, the industry-facing refreshes will make their way to the career and technical schools next.  So schools, please look for enhanced and relevant curriculum updates from I-CAR in the next few years, including Electrical/Diagnostics.

On behalf of I-CAR, I welcome any invitation to further engage on this topic.

Elise Quadrozzi
Vice President – Educational & Technical Services, I-CAR

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