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VeriFacts Automotive to verify Green Garage sustainability for shops

April 2, 2012—GRC-Pirk Management, the official registrar for FindGreenGarage.com, recently appointed VeriFacts Automotive to verify that shops maintain green sustainability.

FindGreenGarage.com is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Apps-for-the-Environment public verification service used to locate automotive industry facilities that are officially green-certified under state and local climate and energy programs, and green city certification databases. The mapping features within FindGreenGarage.com coexist with data sets of public information on pollution prevention, energy efficiency and carbon footprint sustainability for greenhouse gas avoidance.

VeriFacts Automotive will allow Green Garage registrars to verify data needed to validate key indicators related to energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The data verification will help shop owners pinpoint ways to reduce their energy consumption and costs, according to GRC-Pirk.

“In today’s business world there are not too many times you can do the right thing, save money and increase your bottom line,” said Farzam Afshar, CEO of VeriFacts Automotive. “In many cases, shops can’t retain dedicated consultants to audit their environmental performance. By integrating green sustainability practices with carbon footprint computation, we are able to identify opportunities that benefit both the bottom line and the environment.”

GRC-Pirk said VeriFacts Automotive will assist shop owners with identifying core environmental performance indicators under Green and Clean Cities programs for pollution prevention and energy efficiency, including evaluations of product and power usage from utilities and other vendors. The information will help shop owners to improve their carbon footprint and institute business practices that are both environmentally and economically sustainable, which will minimize exposure to fluctuating energy costs.

“VeriFacts Automotive can assist with one of the biggest challenges facing the industry today—the need to gather and track environmental data,” said Steven Schillinger, president of GRC-Pirk. “The VeriFacts solution can not only improve operational performance, but it also allows shops to comply with the emerging regulatory environment and satisfy demands from customers and supply chain partners for greater transparency.”

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